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Sep 18, 2023

Today I’m sitting down with Brooke Baevsky, aka Chef Bae, an LA-based celebrity private chef to athletes, actors, supermodels, and even royals! She has amassed a massive following of “Food Baes'' on TikTok where she breaks the traditional allergy-friendly food stigma with delicious, health-forward & viral recipes. She also founded a non-profit cooking program for inner-city children & families in both Los Angeles and New York City, teaching people how to create a healthy, balanced diet on a limited budget. Chef Bae’s technical background in Holistic Nutrition and Food Science combined with her hilarious, quick-witted personality make this convo and her approach to food so much fun.

Links from the ep:

Here’s the juice:

  • How growing up in a family with tons of food allergies pushed her to get creative in the kitchen at a young age

  • How living in an area with high food insecurity galvanized her to start hosting and teaching community cooking classes for kids

  • The modern-day concept of rebranding anything to make it look like a health food 

  • Why she is the antithesis of the “perfect” Instagram chef – making parody content, telling wild stories, and being her authentic self

  • The craziest meal prep that she ever did, like a Caesar salad served at Coachella covered in edible glitter

  • The top bizarre foods and supplements that truly have worked for her professional athlete clients’ performance

  • How to zhuzh up your food and drink with herbs, specifically digestive bitters

  • What a day in the life really looks like for a celebrity private chef (and what she cooks for dogs!)

  • How to decide what to charge people for your services, especially in the beginning when you’re honing your skill and may be struggling with your self-worth

  • The importance of having mentors in your professional space and asking for help

  • How to find your niche and build your brand in the content creation space

  • How we’re transitioning out of the era of perfectly photographed and curated food


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