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Oct 30, 2023

Today we’re going deep with one of the leading voices in the global wellness movement, Millana Snow. To give you an idea of how committed she is to personal growth, Millana started meditating at age 4. She is a healer, teacher, and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for sharing healing with a global community of clients, followers, brands and celebrities. As an avid learner and seeker, Millana has practiced and studied Christianity, Hinduism, Wicca, Buddhism, anthropology, psychology, and more for most of her life. She blends these teachings with a healthy dose of humor and realness which results in incredibly rich and approachable offerings.

Links from the ep: 

Here’s the juice:

  • Why we’re experiencing a lack of emotional intimacy in our culture

  • If you’re performing in work, life, etc then you’re probably performing in your relationships

  • What we do not complete we repeat. If you don’t heal yourself you will continue to repeat negative patterns out in the world

  • Why if you find yourself fighting for something or someone, that is a trauma response that you’re playing out

  • What coregulation in friendships and romantic relationships looks like

  • The misconception that friendships don’t require the same amount of work as romantic relationships

  • The three steps you can take to make conscious friends as an adult

  • Why you can’t expect people to be your everything. For instance, if you’re having a traumatic experience you need to seek out a trauma informed professional

  • How to maintain intentional friendships when you have a full life. Hint: boundaries!

  • Prioritizing yourself so that you aren’t giving from an empty cup

  • It’s really not about the quantity but rather the quality and depth of your relationships 

  • Why the big life moments give you clarity on who your true inner circle is – weddings, successes, failures, break ups, death

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