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Oct 11, 2022

Every month on What’s The Juice Podcast, I’m doing a full episode dedicated to your personal health, wellness, and REAL LIFE questions that we receive through our hotline (929-591-6432 to leave a voicemail and be featured on our next one). This is my favorite series that we’ve done, not only because I get to connect with you guys & hear your voices, thoughts, questions, and struggles… but because it allows me to explore topics and get vulnerable about personal learning experiences that I wouldn’t normally cover but NEED to be shared. In this episode, I cover:

  • my “holistic” view of addiction in general from a root cause, nervous system perspective (due to my personal experience)
  • neutrality and curiosity vs. judgment
  • how to examine your relationship with ANY substance (whether nicotine, caffeine, other stimulants, sugar, food, cannabis, etc) with an eye of compassion for the ‘body wisdom’ aka: thank you body for finding a way to cope — can we dig deeper on what purpose this substance is serving so we can find the root?
  • nicotine and the connection to ADHD + how with most things, we’re likely self-medicating!
  • the traditional herbalism view on smoking, the lungs, grief, and herbal substitutes that calm “wind”/tension + regulate the nervous system
  • my personal journey with cannabis, caffeine, and food/sugar as my coping mechanisms of choice
  • the connection to dopamine and dietI also answer another listener question about where to start when eating healthy feels complicated and overwhelming, plus tips on finding purpose and fulfillment when life feels out of control.

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