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Aug 14, 2023

Today's guest, Dr. Anna Lembke, explains exactly how to reset your brain's reward system so that you can feel happy again — without reaching for something external. Dr. Lembke is a psychiatrist, author, and Chief of the Addiction Medicine Clinic at Stanford University. This incredible woman changed my life and I believe she is the antidote our world needs as we navigate never-ending stimuli from tech, social media, and dopamine-releasing pleasures.

Here's the juice:

  • your brain has pain and pleasure "scales"– any tip towards pleasure has an equal cost toward pain
  • addiction exists on a spectrum and we’re all affected by it; it’s so much broader than the extremes of alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Anyone can get addicted to ANYTHING and we don’t necessarily need to have a history of trauma or mental health obstacles to be impacted by addiction
  • there are proven benefits to doing a “dopamine fast” to reset your brain’s reward system
  • why delaying gratification in little ways, such as not checking your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning, leads to better outcomes of success in humans in life

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  • Get Dr. Lembke's book, Dopamine Nation, on her site

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