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Aug 21, 2023

We're back with another exciting episode of "What's the Juice?"! Meet the lovely Dr. Vivian Chen, the brains behind Plateful Health on Instagram and Lumebox red light therapy. Dr. Viv is spreading awareness about the epidemic of environmental toxins often ignored by traditional medicine and shedding (red) light on the chronic illness surge.

Here's the juice:

  • how to support your liver detox pathways and how to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins (from cookware to skincare products).
  • the most common symptoms (from migraines to anxiety) that people experience when their toxic load is maxed out.
  • tangible tips for avoiding the top offending environmental chemicals and toxins hint: they're everywhere!
  • steps to take to reduce your toxic load, starting with the most important changes to make.
  • how to address food allergies and chronic illness in children.
  • how to support your liver detoxification pathways the right way (not with green juice), so that your liver can handle unavoidable exposure.
  • key nutrients required for detox and what foods you should incorporate today.
  • the incredible power of red light therapy for everything from pain to glowing skin.

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