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Aug 28, 2023

This week I have the pleasure of sitting down with science journalist and a New York Times bestselling author, Max Lugavere. This is an episode all about nutrition science and brain health and we focus on using food as a tool to protect your brain and prevent cognitive decline. Max and I share the unfortunate experience of having a mother who is suffering or has suffered from Alzheimer's disease and that is what we've dedicated this episode to today. We’re deeply passionate about the current research around Alzheimer's disease and we want to empower individuals to use diet and lifestyle modification to slow this terrible illness.  


Here's the juice:

  • consider this your crash course in nutrition science with a major focus on brain health 

  • the root causes of Alzheimer's disease and the most common misconceptions

  • how does Alzheimer’s develop and who is at the highest risk 

  • why amyloid plaque may not be the root cause, even though it’s been the dominating hypothesis

  • the role genetics play and how epigenetics can actually turn off diseases 

  • therapeutic avenues you can take if you notice symptoms of cognitive decline

  • how a ketogenic diet can help the brain switch its energy source

  • why you should be eating Brazil nuts daily!

  • a fresh take on meat and saturated fat and why butter may not be the “health food” so many folks make it out to be

  • the link between insulin resistance and Alzheimer's disease

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