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Nov 20, 2023

This week I have a fun, conversational episode for you that feels like a night of girl talk on the couch sprinkled with deep wisdom. Rebecca Leigh is a nutritionist passionate about all things holistic health and wellness. Her health journey began with cycles of what she thought was “healthy” – “clean eating”, counting calories, spending hours at the gym daily, and trying to look a certain way. In exploring holistic wellness, Rebecca learned the emotional and spiritual causes of her issues, examined them, and healed from them. She could quiet her inner critic and build true, lasting confidence. Living her best life meant realizing that she had everything she needed within her. Now Rebecca finds purpose in guiding women to become their most authentic and empowered selves. 

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Here’s the juice:

  • Rebecca’s journey with obsessive eating and working out and how she broke free from unhealthy cycles

  • Why you might feel the need to be productive 24/7 and feel a lack of worth when you are not

  • What being the child of immigrant parents was like and how she rewired the belief that working extremely hard is the only way to get what you want

  • How to unpack your belief system – first you must identify the belief before you are able to shift it 

  • Her favorite tools to become more self-aware

  • The science behind synchronicity and how to feel more in flow with the universe

  • The power of getting curious and asking questions about yourself and the world 

  • How physical ailments are messengers of deeper emotionally-driven issues

  • Why jealousy is a powerful tool in determining your desires

  • The role of community in healing, especially for women

  • The power of daily affirmations – the harder they are to say to yourself, the better because that means you really need to hear them

  • Visualizing your future self with the life you want as if you already had it

  • Why keeping the small promises you made to yourself is key in building confidence 

  • Self care is doing the thing that you need the most when you least feel like doing them

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