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Nov 27, 2023

This week I’m sitting down with the one and only Jenna Zoe. Jenna is the world-leading expert in Human Design and the creator of the popular My Human Design App. She turned a complicated science into an accessible, easy-to-implement tool that will totally change your life. Jenna presents Human Design through a lens of radial acceptance which has resonated with millions around the globe and essentially made it into the mainstream obsession it is now. Her #1 goal is to help us understand who we are and how we function so that we can spend our energy emphasizing our unique gifts and talents, instead of trying to be someone society wants us to be.

Links from the ep: 
- Follow the link to try Notion Ai for note-taking and project planning

Here’s the juice:

  • How Human Design combines astrology, the chakras, and kabbala to paint a holistic picture of who you are + how you operate

  • The full breakdown of each human design type – generator, manifesting generator, manifestor, projector, reflector 

  • Why it’s important to open your mind so that you are ready to receive what the universe is sending you

  • It’s not about finding the “right” career path for you, it’s about how much you genuinely love what you’re doing

  • Why it behooves you to remove things from your plate that you don’t enjoy so that other people who love doing those things can do them

  • How if you’re living your design the right people will find you

  • How to read and trust that your unique urges are divine

  • What it looks like when you’re living out of alignment with your human design type

  • Why most of us need to be deconditioned to some degree

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