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Aug 7, 2023

This week Nick and I are on the mic basking in our wedding glow and answering some of the most common questions we've received.  A year ago we had no idea where we wanted to have our wedding, how to find a planner, and what we wanted to do to make our day feel like "us". We pulled it off and managed to achieve our perfect day! 

Here's the juice: 

  • what we loved and what we didn't love
  • things worth spending on versus things we didn't need to spend on 
  •  the ceremony and ritual elements that we worked into the flow of our day
  •  our private ceremony that we did all alone 
  • the rituals we did before the wedding day to help us step into our new roles as husband and wife
  •  the pros of having a welcome party the night before
  • why we chose not to drink during our wedding and the benefits of being sober during your wedding day
  •  how we worked with our officiant beforehand to weave our own tradition into our ceremony
  •  the changes we felt after getting married and our post-wedding plans!

Links from the ep:

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