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Apr 22, 2024

Are you over all of the gimmicky, expensive tools in the health space right now? Do you want to go deeper to address foundational topics related to the things that actually impact your quality of life – like healthier communication, better confidence, and rewiring your brain to focus on the good? Liz Moody is an author, podcaster and recipe developer known for her vibrant approach to healthy living. In true Liz fashion, she shares her favorite (free) wellness habits that are rooted in psychology and behavioral science and will seriously change the way you feel. 



  • Her secrets to a long, healthy relationship after 16 years of marriage

  • How becoming a better listener helps your relationships and makes people like you more

  • The 5 second method that rewires your neural pathways to promote more happiness and positivity 

  • How writing your own “bill of rights” builds self confidence and enforces your true sense of self-identity and worth

  • How to practice making small decisions so that you are less overwhelmed by big life decisions when they inevitably arise

  • Why thinking about your death is one of the most powerful things you can do for a well-lived life

  • How to use the “fresh start effect” to increase your motivation and achieve your goals

  • Why it’s critical that we show up authentically vs trying to make an impression when looking for a match

  • Why artificially limiting your time can actually increase your productivity 

  • What “intentional drinking” is and how it’s changed Liz’s life 


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