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Apr 29, 2024

Have you ever wanted to experience spiritual growth from psychedelics but don’t actually want to trip? Are you stuck at a crossroads in life and not sure which path you’re meant to take? Meet the woman who connects you with specific rituals you can do in nature to find your deepest answers without ever having to take Ayahuasca. Katherine Hargreaves is a practitioner of West African divination, an ancient method of translation that helps people tap into information, messages, and ancestors on the other side by reconnecting us with the elements of nature. As you complete the rituals you're assigned (whether that’s throwing milk and honey into the ocean with a prayer, or screaming your anger into a hole in the woods to give it back to the earth), you quiet your mind, clear your physical channel, and are able to hear the guidance of your soul, your ancestors, and the spirits of the earth.



- The wild ritual that Olivia did on a mountainside to help her get clarity on her career

- How rituals prepare us to receive messages and transformation in the years after

- Chronological vs deep time and why we can’t expect things to happen on our timelines  

- How to incorporate elements into rituals for specific purposes (like ocean water, honey, dirt, etc.)

- How to complete a honey ritual if you’re looking for a new place to live

- How Katharine got initiated into the closed practice of West African shamanic tradition

- The idea that nature can be JUST as powerful as psychedelics 

- Exactly how to start noticing nature speaking to you 

- Easy, tangible ways to work with your ancestors, like creating an altar 

- The importance of asking for guidance out loud – to nature and your ancestors

- How to know if divination work is right for you in this moment


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Topics Discussed:

00:00 Olivia Previews Stick Divination and Spiritual Practices

6:44 Introducing Katharine Hargreaves

09:36 Understanding Divination and the Natural World

17:18 Everyday Rituals

21:46 Olivia’s Ritual from Katharine

31:42 Exploring the Elements in Stick Divination Rituals

33:15 Nick’s Ritual for Olivia

35:36 Mother and Father Earth

40:12 Giving Form to the Unnamable

41:39 Honey as a Potentiator

46:12 Lightning as a Medicine of Integrity

52:14 The Ethics of Being a Healer in a Lineage

54:14 How Katharine Became a Diviner

1:03:58 Rituals Katharine Has Prescribed to Others

1:07:03 Potency of Death Medicine

1:11:02 Reconnecting through Nature and Art

1:16:12 Biomimicry

1:19:59 Messages That Arrive Through Dreams

1:22:32 How to Match Our Heartbeat’s to Nature’s Pace

1:31:42 Conclusion