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May 27, 2024

Statistically, there are 15 core people in our lives who will show up when sh$# hits the fan – our mother’s funeral, a cancer diagnosis – they’re on the next plane. What if instead of filling our schedules working towards buying more things, we spent time nurturing the relationships that are truly all we have? In a modern day loneliness epidemic, lack of connection is becoming a disease, but our generation can turn it around. Sah D’Simone is here to say that even though relationships are hard, families are messy, and conflict is scary, this is the only path back to love and longevity. Sah is a spiritual leader, hospital chaplain who supports those at the end of life, and international best-selling author of Spiritually We. In this episode, he breaks down how to increase our capacity so that we can hold space for our people and right our relationships.



  • Why human connection is a basic biological need (and how we’ve gotten so far away)

  • Why pop psychology is doing us a disservice by teaching us to cut off relationships with conflict instead of learning to face it

  • The difference between how easy it is to be spiritual alone in meditation vs. at the family dinner table when triggers come up

  • How to nurture true connection over complain culture and trauma-bonding relationships

  • Why your closest relationships are often the most triggering 

  • How to live with integrity and what a lack of integrity looks like in your closest bonds

  • Why “conflict is your lovers” how to resolve conflict in a healthy way

  • Why time away from your parents may be necessary to grow and heal, but the goal is to always bring it back around

  • Why intellectualizing your feelings and making meaning keeps you from feeling your feelings

  • How to support someone in grief and the magnitude of holding space for loss 


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