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Jun 10, 2024

What if the key to weight loss isn’t actually about what’s on our plates? Today I’m chatting with a true gem of a human being as well as a kick-ass nutritionist. Nicki Parlitsis helps her clients achieve their goals but also understand WHY they might be harming themselves with food through binging or restricted diets. In this episode she unpacks how binging is often a deeper reflection on our lives, showing us exactly what we need to focus on within ourselves to ultimately heal our relationship with food. We also discuss why binging is both an emotional AND physical response for many of us and how we can tune into the signs our bodies are giving us before we start to go down toxic paths.



  • The difference between physical and emotional binge eating

  • Why women tend to fear gaining muscle and what it actually means to “tone” your body

  • The importance of training your brain in steps and why intuitive eating is a graduate level course in dietetics

  • What an all-or-nothing mindset with food looks like and how it contributes to binge eating

  • The fact that something as simple as thinking about meals as events can help retrain your brain to get out of a snacking mindset and into a space of intentional eating

  • Nicki’s favorite client hack of meal prepping like a chef 

  • Why binge eating is not the problem and how to get to the root of what’s happening in your body

  • Why listening to your hunger cues is the first step to take even if it means abandoning your diet


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