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May 20, 2024

What does “good nutrition” actually mean – and why have we built a BILLION dollar industry that only makes us more confused about how to feed ourselves? Why is it that one day the internet is telling you to be a raw vegan, and 5 years later carnivore is suddenly a panacea? Shyla Cadogan is a registered dietitian focused on making nutrition simple again. Shyla explores the extensive impact that processed foods have on our bodies, while at the same time not putting perfection, whole foods or ‘superfoods’ on a pedestal. She brings some much needed nuance (and humor) to the question: what the heck should I eat and who should I listen to?



  • Shyla’s transition from intense vegan diets to an unattached, simple way of fueling
  • The importance of finding the middle ground with nutrition rather than opting into extremes
  • Why nutrition professionals have a duty to keep things professional rather than trying to be cutting edge or go viral
  • How the concept of intuitive eating has gotten warped and why most of us are practicing it all wrong and feeling bad about it
  • How you can be anti-diet-culture and still not eat a lot of processed foods
  • Why Shyla says “a true relationship with food is having no relationship with it at all”
  • The importance of not shaming people for being imperfect in their health decisions and educating in a considerate manner
  • The history of “superfoods” and why the term is a bit of a scam
  • The distrust that the public currently has in dietitians (ie. thinking they’re paid by big pharma!)
  • How processed foods were originally created for war times and food corporations have used that opportunity to exploit us
  • How cultural foods play a role in healthy eating


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