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Jun 3, 2024

When was the last time you did a radical 180 about a long held belief? Today I’m sitting down with a brilliant dentist who was once picketing in the streets for water fluoridation — yet was courageous enough to change her mind and speak out once she dug into the data once and for all. Meet Dr. Staci Whitman, a board-certified dentist who takes a whole-body, holistic and functional approach to oral health. In this episode, Staci unpacks the surprising factors that contribute to the decline of our oral health including mouth breathing, hormones, and gut dysbiosis. She explains why these underlying root causes are ignored by conventional dentistry and exactly what we need to be asking about and advocating for at our dentist appointments.



  • Functional vs. conventional dentistry and the importance of both

  • Why dental professionals haven't introduced oral microbiome testing as a baseline for all patients 

  • How hormone imbalance is leading to an increase in cavities in women and the signs to look for in prevention

  • What LPS is and how it contributes to pathogenic bacteria overgrowth

  • The fact that we aren’t taught about healthy bacteria and are encouraged to wipe out all our bacteria with products like Listerine 

  • Why dentists are sometimes the first people to diagnose Crohn's disease and how your oral health can inform gut health

  • What a cavity is and how it forms

  • When we may be able to repair cavities without requiring fillings

  • Why mouth breathing is so detrimental to our oral health and how to retrain yourself into healthy breathing habits 

  • Resources and recommendations for the products and services we should be talking to our dentist about to be proactive about our oral health


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