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Dec 13, 2022

In this next episode of What’s the Juice, I had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Dr. Neeta Bhushan — former cosmetic dentist turned mental health coach, social entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author behind the new book That Sucked. Now What? Before you tune in, I’ll let you know this — Neeta’s life has not been an easy one. She lost three immediate family members within the span of just three years, completely altering her life’s trajectory. Neeta later found herself stuck in an incredibly toxic marriage, resulting in a major wake-up call and healing journey that would redefine her life as she knew it. Our conversation is jam-packed with essential nuggets of information, like how imperative it is to find joy wherever you can, and a brief introduction to what’s known as the “Bounce Factor,” a four-step tool to determine your resiliency:

  1. Examining your upbringing.
  2. Leaning into “good” stress and doing what challenges/scares you.
  3. Emotional capacity — i.e. your ability to “feel the feels.”
  4. Radical self-awareness — i.e. your ability to tune into your life and see what’s going well or not going well. 

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