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Jun 21, 2022

Today I sat down with one of my best friends Nina Passero, FDN-P, to have a raw conversation about everything from the importance of eating breakfast for hormones, to the risks of birth control and the importance of self-advocacy, to the ugly truths of some of the toughest moments we experienced while struggling with our health and searching for answers. Nina went through one of the most difficult chronic health journeys I’ve witnessed: from PCOS to gastritis, extreme hair loss, endless food intolerances, gut infections, fatigue and brain fog – and yet never stopped digging for the root causes and remedies that would actually make a lasting difference. After trying every health fad and extreme in the book, from raw veganism to an “orange fast” to autoimmune elimination diets, today she’s the healthiest she’s ever been after blocking out the noise and focusing on what she calls the “foundational basics”: food-as-medicine staples that helped to heal her gut, fueling her body frequently enough (and with the right nutrient without restriction), and doing some deep emotional work that helped to build her stress-management + mindset toolbox. Nina has been able to transform her hardships into invaluable wisdom, becoming a talented functional practitioner who helps women around the world achieve food freedom, balance, hormone and gut health.

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