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Jul 26, 2022

Later this season, you’ll hear an ep about why I gave up caffeine—and how I needed to hold a “funeral” for my caffeine addiction, convincing all parts of my body that coffee needed to go. This week’s guest is the reason for that powerful moment, she sat with me while I layed on her table and finally let my dependency go! Julie Tracy is a craniosacral therapist, visceral manipulator, and lymphatic drainage therapist. She's also an integral part of my personal healing journey. If you remember my 28th birthday “dose of self-awareness” episode, Julie helped me to reconnect with my body and my heart during a time when I was feeling extremely lost and disconnected, by talking me through an exercise where I quite literally spoke to my organs (and had a campfire with them). Julie helps people release tension and emotions while teaching them how to fully connect with every part of their body. On the pod this week, she’ll share actionable ways and exercises to reestablish a brain-body connection, while teaching us how to communicate with our organs and get in tune with what our bodies need. Get ready to give yourself (and every individual part of you) a big hug. Let’s get juicy!

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