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Sep 12, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of “What’s the Juice?”!. This week I’m chatting with Stephanie Fox, a Somatic Nutritional Counselor who has spent the past decade guiding women to feel empowered in their relationships with their food and their bodies. Stephanie specializes in disordered eating patterns, binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, and body image concerns. She is the creator of Somatic Eating®, a body-oriented, sensation-focused therapeutic approach to connecting to your body while you are eating.


Here’s the juice:

  • how all of the gut protocols in the world couldn’t cure Stephanie’s chronic gut issues and what finally helped her

  • why if you're coming from a history of past trauma it’s hard to practice intuitive eating and how somatic eating must come first

  • how binge eating is really just your body communicating to you how unsafe it feels

  • it’s not about the food that we’re eating; it’s about the state that we’re in while we’re eating

  • how somatic psychotherapy is communicating with the body and learning the body’s language through sensation, emotion, urges, and impulses. 

  • the questions we should be asking ourselves when we are feeling triggered 

  • why we need to create “micromoments” of safety to slowly introduce that it’s okay to feel safe in our bodies

  • how we can confuse our own inner voice with the voices of others

  • why dieting is black and white and keeps us stuck in a box

  • ending relationships that don’t feel safe to our nervous systems can be pivotal in healing our guts

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