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Oct 23, 2023

We cover so much ground in this deeply holistic episode with Dr. Sara Gotffried. Dr. Gottfried is a scientist, researcher, medical doctor and seeker. She always says that she practices medicine, but doesn’t treat problems. Rather, Dr. Gottfried specializes in root cause analysis, helping people feel fully alive and balanced from their cells to their souls. If you’re currently struggling with a hormonal condition and don’t know where to begin, this episode is for you! She offers up the loving reminder that the misery of your body being out of whack is so much worse than the work that it takes to fix it. 

Links from the ep:

Here’s the juice:

  • The science AND energetics of PCOS

  • Looking at hormonal conditions from both a nature and a nurture standpoint – the role of soul wounds and intergenerational trauma 

  • How epigenetics impact hormonal and metabolic health

  • Why therapeutic tools (like tapping and breathwork) matter just as much as diet and supplements, if not more, when it comes to hormone health 

  • What to do if your nervous system is in freeze mode 

  • Why she opts for somatic based solutions that are trauma informed like EMDR and the Hikomi method

  • How to define your individual carb and protein threshold 

  • The healing power of therapeutic “pulsing” of a low carb diet for less than 4 weeks for those with PCOS and blood sugar issues

  • The exact labs you need to order with your insurance-covered doctor if you have PCOS

  • Why she recommends 1 POUND of vegetables a day for detoxification!

  • Her favorite hormone supporting birth control methods

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