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Jul 10, 2023

In this solo episode, I share more about my journey of overcoming vices, addictions, and codependency, and how I'm doubling down in the days leading up to my wedding. Here's what's up for discussion:

  • The desire to escape from oneself and the truth within led me to rely on substances and external fixes.
  • Meditation, which I had strongly resisted, became a powerful tool in reconnecting with myself.
  • Through self-touch and heart-centered breathing, I created a space for meaningful dialogues with myself.
  • Exploring body image, I discovered the importance of finding a balance between personal fitness goals and self-acceptance.
  • Holding memorial services for myself and relationships allowed me to navigate transformation and embrace personal growth.
  • The concept of being an empath shifted for me, as I realized the need to maintain my own energy while witnessing others.
  • By asking deep questions during meditation, I tapped into the wisdom and insights within myself.
  • The journey of self-discovery empowered me to reclaim my autonomy and build genuine relationships.

Tune in to hear more about my transformative journey and how meditation has become a profound practice in my life.