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Jul 21, 2023

This week's episode is with none other than the amazing Michelle Shapiro! In this insightful conversation, Michelle, a Holistic RD and self-proclaimed "Queen of the Middle Ground," shares her expertise after years of working with over a thousand clients. Michelle's approach to functional nutrition involves understanding the unique story of each individual, their environment, and the timeline that led them to their current situation. By identifying the root causes, she aims to heal issues rather than just managing them superficially. For instance, there's a big difference between avoiding certain foods for acid reflux versus understanding the deeper reasons behind the issue.

Here's the juice:

  • how Michelle lost 100lbs the WRONG way before becoming a dietitian (and how this led to hypothyroidism)
  • how almost anything that happens emotionally manifests physically, giving a whole new level of validation to symptoms that are "all in your head”
  • anxiety is a sacred messenger telling you something that needs to be addressed in your body (nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar dysregulation, etc.)
  • the root causes of anxiety and digestive disorders
  • what “intuitive eating” actually is + misconceptions
  • the extremes in the nutrition world of “no foods are toxic everything is a chemical" vs “all food must be perfectly clean”
  • why there are no “gut healing foods” that work for everyone
  • emotional and physical factors that contribute to binge eating and how to have compassion for our bodies trying to cope with big emotions

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