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Sep 4, 2023

Literally everyone can benefit from this loving, light-filled conversation with Yasmine Cheyenne. Yasmine is a self-healing educator, speaker, and mental wellness advocate who helps people create daily self-care rituals to cultivate more joy and balance in their lives. Her first book, The Sugar Jar, teaches us that setting boundaries can make life that much sweeter. 

Here’s the juice:

  • how joining the airforce opened Yasmine’s eyes to her unique gifts in helping people get through hard things

  • why we need to get curious and clear about what we are feeling before we set boundaries –  anger, fear or something else entirely, like overwhelm

  • what self-healing is and how it can help us better understand and overcome the stories we tell ourselves

  • how her analogy of the sugar jar can help us understand our energy, boundaries, and resources in a whole new way

  • the importance of self esteem and how it doesn’t happen overnight

  • how perfectionism and people pleasing stems from focusing too much on the external

  • why radical and compassionate self honesty is necessary for healing

  • the power of saying no and why we need to take ownership in our relationships

  • what to do if setting a boundary is making someone angry with you

  • how building up self trust can help us with codependency 

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