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May 6, 2024

Are you curious why autoimmune conditions are so prevalent these days? Do you have a history of trauma that you believe is connected to your autoimmunity? Sara Gottfried MD is a scientist, researcher and seeker who takes a whole-person approach to medicine. Sara goes way beyond supplements and nutrition to address the root causes of autoimmunity, helping us heal the trauma and other triggers that may have turned our bodies against us. 



  • Why autoimmunity is on the rise in today’s world 

  • The specific lab markers to run if you suspect you may have an autoimmune condition 

  • How loneliness and loss of community impacts our immune systems

  • The 3 root causes that she sees in ALL autoimmune conditions 

  • The massive role that trauma plays in autoimmunity and how to start addressing it

  • How to properly and safely use elimination diets

  • What the conventional treatment to autoimmune disease looks like vs the functional approach 

  • The importance of finding practitioners who have regulated nervous systems and are deeply present with you

  • Why psychedelic assisted therapy can help us get into a healing state of consciousness

  • 3 things people can do starting TODAY to improve immunity and nervous system health

  • How to practice embodiment and feeling safe on your own


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