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May 13, 2024

Are you struggling with chronic, unexplained symptoms that no treatment seems to alleviate (and actually makes worse)? Do you feel like your body reacts abnormally to stress or changes in your environment with ‘flares’ of symptoms that come in cycles? Understanding histamine intolerance, also called MCAS or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome may help guide you in the right direction. Michelle Shapiro is a functional dietitian who has helped over 1000+ clients reverse their anxiety and heal long-standing gut and immune issues. In this episode, Michelle unpacks what it means to live in a highly sensitive body (spoiler, she lives in one!) and shares hopeful solutions for those of us who struggle with largely ignored autonomic disorders such as MCAS, POTS and hypermobility.

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  • Michelle’s own story of being sick with a mysterious cluster of symptoms after COVID and mold exposure (and how she healed)

  • What MCAS is, the symptoms caused by histamine intolerance and why it’s SO hard to get diagnosed

  • The connection between long COVID and MCAS that’s not talked about

  • Why MCAS is really a physical “allergy to stress” and nervous system disorder that pushes the immune system into overdrive

  • How seemingly healthy treatment plans actually make things worse in people with histamine issues

  • What it might mean if you get dizzy easily, have trouble concentrating or experience a racing heart

  • Why hypermobility, POTS and MCAS often go together

  • How histamine intolerance magnifies anxiety, depression, ADHD and PMDD in women

  • Michelle’s loving approach to healing histamine issues and supporting your body gently

  • The exact foods to avoid if you have histamine intolerance and how to reduce flares 

  • Her favorite supplements and herbs that can lower histamine levels

  • How to strength train in a way that doesn’t cause more harm 

  • Why we can’t completely discount pharmaceutical tools like antihistamines when initially healing

  • The next steps to take if you think you may have a highly sensitive body


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