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Mar 11, 2024

Are you curious about why, in an age of hyper-advanced technology and science, we have more chronic illness than ever? Zach Bush, MD is a renowned physician, researcher, and educator at the forefront of integrative medicine and microbiome research. He shares his revolutionary philosophy on planetary and human health – and how even beyond healing the soil, it all comes back to healing our relationships and deeply witnessing one other. 



  • Why disease emerges from bodies that are disconnected from nature 

  • How “alternative medicine” is just becoming another version of conventional medicine  

  • Why truly witnessing one other is essential for creating a new social framework 

  • Why the wireless communication network between microbiomes and human cells play a crucial role in your health 

  • The wonder of the virome and how viruses actually upgrade your genetics 

  • Why you experience strange, vivid, or even lucid dreams when you have a virus 

  • What’s actually happening in your mind, body and spirit with long COVID symptoms  

  • Why going through sickness and pain pushes you towards your highest self 

  • How the old you/your old life needs to die so that you can see the vision for the new you 

  • How to diversify your microbiome through food and daily habits (like your route to/from work!) 

  • Why people in blue zones live as long as they do (hint: it’s not about eating beans) 

  • How the antidote to our glyphosate crisis lies in ancient soil  


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