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Dec 6, 2022

In this episode of What’s the Juice, I had the honor of chatting with brain-genius Louisa Nicola, Founder & Director of Neuro Athletics: a data-driven neuroscience company that provides athletes with scientific strategies to achieve peak performance. Tune in as we delve into the nitty gritty science of how the brain works, and what you can do specifically from home to optimize neuroplasticity and cognition, including:


  • Minimum 8 hours each night, following the 80% rule
  • Natural sunlight as soon as you wake up, for at least 5 minutes
  • Avoiding and/or dimming artificial light come evening
  • Pitch-black environment for optimal sleep


  • Zone 2 Training — achieve about 65% of your maximum heart rate
  • For example: Walk an incline of ~8-10 around a speed of 3.8 mph for around 30 minutes


  • Focus on 70% of your 1-repetition max (find the maximum weight you can handle for 1 rep, then use 70% of that weight for at least 6 sets/4 reps each)
  • Learn how to squat well and focus on compound movements
  • Invest in a trainer over supplements


  • Inhale twice, then exhale (this mimics crying/hyperventilation)
  • Infrared light to reduce neural inflammation
  • Ice baths to create new mitochondria 
  • Two grams of both EPA and DHA daily

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