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Nov 22, 2022

Today's guest, who has been my doctor for the last almost 6 years - is a physician with a passion for nutritional science and “muscle centric medicine” that has dedicated her life to helping ALL of us understand the importance of dietary protein.

She's going to cover:
✔️How muscle improves metabolic markers relevant to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and PCOS - because skeletal muscle is our primary site for disposing of the glucose aka carbohydrates we eat in our diets (and if we don't have muscle, there's nowhere for it to go!),
✔️How this ties into the picture of preventing or delaying Alzheimer's, which is often called "type 3 diabetes of the brain"
✔️Why Alzheimer's starts 20+ years before it actually presents and is a disease of mid-life, not old age (plus what to do now in your 20s, 30s and 40s)
✔️Why muscle is an endocrine organ that just as important as your thyroid, and produces biochemistry-altering compounds just like the thyroid produces hormones!
✔️How muscle is essentially alive, and is a nutrient sensing organ - it quite literally senses the amino acids we consume via diet, and how this sensitivity decreases as we age
✔️What protein threshold per meal you need to build muscle
✔️The difference between plant and animal protein in terms of amino acid quality
✔️Why leucine is the most important amino acid and why we need more as we age
✔️How much protein you should be eating based on your body weight
✔️How hormone changes and menopauses affect this picture
✔️Why body composition matters and how excess adipose tissue affects the brain
✔️And EXACTLY what you can start doing TODAY to become healthier, sharper, and hormonally optimized as you age.

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