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Jun 28, 2022

There’s one thing that can help support your liver in clearing toxicants and excess hormones  more than anything on this planet. It’s not a cleanse, it’s not an herb, but the time-tested longevity-boosting food as medicine: BEANS. As the richest natural source of soluble fiber, beans are truly the magical “fruit,” but what’s really happening on a cellular level when we up our fiber? How do beans even bind to those toxins in the first place? How can they also lower the dreaded stress hormone, cortisol, with their binding power?! I’m excited to follow up our Season 2 convo with Unique Hammond with this week’s episode.

Get ready to meet Unique’s mentor & the “Bean Queen” herself: biochemist & nutritionist Karen Hurd. We’re talking about exactly *how* soluble fiber removes toxins from the body (including where, why and how your body releases the bile they’re contained within), how many health concerns it can improve (including endometriosis and PCOS), and how easy it is to incorporate this healing tool into your daily life. Psst: This is the convo that inspired me and my producer to give up caffeine—find out why and the strong opinions Karen has to express about stress hormones and our daily cup of joe. Let’s get juicy!

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