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Mar 25, 2024

Do you notice the same patterns keep coming up with your partner or friendships? Do you find yourself afraid of conflict – avoiding hard, but necessary conversations? Are you struggling with creating the space to feel your emotions instead of numbing them? Krista Williams is a coach, podcast host, and close friend who shares how the “mother wound” shows up in our social dynamics and the way we feel safe in the world, why codependency extends far beyond our partner, and the impact of Internal Family Systems (IFS) also known as ‘parts work’ on getting in touch with your inner mother.



  • What the “mother wound” is and how it is crucial for developing female friendships & feeling safe in the world

  • Why codependency stems from a desire for safety, stability, and connection in intimate relationships

  • How using internal family systems (IFS) can help us hear our true “inner mother” who has acceptance for all parts of us

  • How to recognize your inner voices like the critic, perfectionist, child, and rebel

  • The challenges of adjusting to different versions of yourself, especially as we change and grow in the context of long term relationships

  • Exactly how to create space to feel your emotions and the questions to ask yourself to start processing them

  • The power of curiosity & asking questions in supporting your friends to come to their OWN conclusions, instead of going into fixer mode

  • How a darkness retreat taught Krista how to self regulate and process her emotions for the first time


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