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Apr 1, 2024

Are you committed to your personal health but have a feeling your home is a roadblock? Do you worry about living with mold, high EMFs, or strong LED lights that can throw off circadian rhythm? Christine Cimabue is a licensed general contractor and holistic construction consultant who believes that the condition of our home can play a huge role in our ability to heal, thrive and feel safe. She doesn’t fearmonger or tell you to spend $$$ on remediation – instead she gives simple, actionable tips on how we can start getting to know the quirks of our home, install simple safeguards under appliances that leak, and feel empowered with education to maintain and prevent.




  • All about mold in homes – why it grows, how to find it, how to get rid of it and prevent

  • What it means to have a “healthy home” vs a “sick home” and the refreshing idea that a healthy home is NOT perfect

  • Why decorating your bathroom with aesthetic touches like wallpaper can be problematic

  • Why your entire bathroom should be a “wet room” and what this means

  • The potential downsides of “energy efficient homes” and air-tight environments

  • How to effectively monitor humidity and moisture levels in each room with a $5 device to identity and prevent water damage

  • Her controversial opinion that basements should actually NOT be finished and what to do if you currently have a finished basement

  • Why LED lights can be overstimulating to our nervous systems & what to use instead to support your circadian rhythm

  • The affordable tool that helps to prevent and avoid potential leaks from your appliances

  • The key to renovating old homes with healthy materials (like KD versus green lumber)

  • Exact questions we can ask potential contractors when we are interviewing them and the checklist Christine gives her clients 


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