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Apr 8, 2024

Are you thinking about starting a family or having another child but don’t know how to prepare your body? Do you want to maximize the healthy “epigenetics” you pass on to your child? Or maybe you’re currently struggling with infertility and need extra support? Elizabeth Wade is a naturopathic doctor who takes an empathetic, highly-individualized, root-cause approach to reproductive health. She offers a refreshing perspective on infertility (why it’s not the end of the story and how “subfertility” can be supported) and provides insights on labs, supplements, and more.



  • Why men’s role in fertility is equally as important as women’s (i.e. male blood markers that can contribute to miscarriage)

  • The incredible opportunity you have every 3-4 months to completely change the genetic expression of your DNA for healthier outcomes and babies

  • The importance of folate for both women AND men!

  • The difference between infertility and “subfertility” – only 2% of people are considered sterile

  • The importance of “belief hygiene” and nervous system support in preparing for pregnancy

  • All about the tubal, pelvic, and cervical factors in infertility

  • How to understand labs for fertility and the exact blood panel Elizabeth recommends for preconception

  • Should you test your AMH or can it cause more anxiety?

  • What the ideal preconception diet looks like

  • Dr. Wade’s opinion on organ meats and Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Why choline is necessary for brain development in babies and how to get enough of it 

  • The unique combination of NAC, melatonin and coQ10 for follicle development


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