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Apr 15, 2024

Do you feel stuck and burned out in your job? Are you tying your self-worth and identity to your productivity and career? Do you struggle to embrace being multifaceted and having multiple interests? Madison Utendahl is a founder, writer, and producer passionate about helping us change the way we think about work. We cover how to dissociate our worth from our career, the importance of self-reflection, and practical tips for those feeling stuck in unfulfilling jobs.



  • The impact of our job can have on overall health and well-being

  • Madison’s personal journey transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship 

  • The over-employment phenomenon and its contribution to burnout

  • How to begin separating your identity from your work/career

  • Practical tips for connecting to yourself through meditation and silence

  • The critical distinction between self-care activities and deeper self-identity work

  • What it means to be 'multi-hyphenate’ 

  • How we can create a healthier relationship with work and productivity

  • How the disconnection from ourselves is what leads to burnout

  • Taking radical responsibility for our circumstances + our ability to change

  • Challenging gender roles and expectations in leadership

  • What steps to take if you’re thinking about changing careers

  • Questions to ask to get clarity on your career path


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